Each Marzano Form product can be customized according to the customer’s requests, adapting to every need


Crates and boxes

Boxes, cartons, tins and crates are indispensable complements for packaging. They guarantee further protection of the vs. goods.
Also for these types of products there are various types: we can provide you with boxes and crates in microwave, double wave, triple wave and wooden cardboard for export, container crates with bottom and lid, folding and modular wooden crates, reinforced boxes for shipping, crates packing, folding crates with without treatment for export.
We also have available angular in pressed cardboard, cardboard U profile or channels in various sizes and thickness.


• SINGLE wave- high wave (A) thick 4mm
– low wave (B) thick 3mm
– micro-wave (E) thick 1,3mm
– (BC) 7mm
– thick wave (CH) thickness 10mm
• TRIPLE wave
– wave (BCH) thickness 13mm


Section Rolls, bags, liners and caps

Our Coils of air bubbles and expanded polyethylene are packaging products that offer an effective solution for the protection and packaging of all products.
We can offer you a wide range of excellent quality. Available in various densities with cutting and pre-cutting options but also coupled with expanded polyethylene according to your needs.
We can make reels, envelopes, sheets but not only: We are able to transform our products and adapt them to your needs. needs. We make customized, shaped, with or without elastic, adhesive liners.
We can also customize products with borders of various colors or with the printing of your logos.


• 100% recyclable extruded polyethylene
• Available in different weights (40gr, 70gr, 100gr, 115gr… ..)
• Can be coupled with LDPE, HD, Polyethylene foam films
• Flexible and non-abrasive
• Lightness and flexibility



For the vs. shaped parts we are able to meet any needs. We can produce 1 item prototypes like millions of pieces.
We have materials such as expanded or antistatic or conductive polyethylene, smooth or textured polyurethane, polystyrene. All in various sizes and densities.
Our Flexibility and the high skills of our staff without counting on our. cutting-edge production machines allow us to meet any needs.


• Lightness
• Flexibility and elasticity
• Easy to handle and assemble
• Clean and soft appearance
• Waterproof to water
• Chemically inert
• Excellent ability to absorb even repeated vibrations and shocks
• Resistance to deformation under load

Do not hesitate to contact us for any problem. We will give you our project.


Eco-sustainable packaging

In December 2015, 195 countries reached a worldwide binding agreement in Paris on climate protection.
To counter the dangers of climate change, global warming must be significantly limited to below 2 ° C. Each of us is called upon to step up efforts and take steps to reduce CO2 emissions.

MARZANO FORM offers Naturefoam® as a solution.
The new foam is mainly made from sugarcane-based polyethylene. Sugar cane grows back every year: as it grows it absorbs harmful CO2 and thus enables the efficient use of limited resources such as oil. This solution is available for both profiles and tubes.

The manufacturing process:
1 – Sugar cane absorbs CO2 thanks to solar energy
2 – Production of ethanol from sugar cane
3 – Production of BIO – PE from ethanol
4 – Foams in PE Nature foam

Instead for the vs. die cutters we can use our plates made from 25% Bio derivative resins + 75% recycled resin.
They have the same technical characteristics as the tested CLIMAFLEX® as regards:

• the insulation values
• fire behavior
• the ease of processing by the technician
• the duration of the product

The percentage of renewable raw materials is controlled and certified by an external body.

MARZANO FORM’s commitment to climate protection

• Commitment to the “Responsable Care” of the chemical industry
• Recycling of production waste

Climate protection is a continuous process: for this reason MARZANO FORM constantly works to implement further measures for a better future. Our products and our production chains are constantly optimized in order to continuously improve energy efficiency and further reduce CO2 emissions.


Corner, profiles and tubes

Our profiles and tubes are produced by direct extrusion and are used to protect objects along the edges and corners, for both linear surfaces and curves. They exist in various sizes and types making them excellent complements in the realization of the finished packaging. We can also customize them according to your needs by transforming them into corner or caps.
Expanded polyethylene is a flexible, light and resistant material, significantly reducing the problems related to the storage of goods, transport and handling.
It is fully recyclable and perfectly complies with the new regulations regarding the principles on disposal and recycling of packaging.


• PE-LD foam
• Density 30kg.m3
• Continuous direct extrusion
• Production without CFC, HCFC (ODP = 0)
• Water absorption: <0.5% volume after 40 days (DIN 53 495)
• Reusable
• 100% recyclable PE-LD sponge
• Easily convertible
• Shockproof
• Flexible
• Stability of form
• Chemically neutral
• Non-toxic


Packaging for electronics

Electrostatics is a phenomenon that traditionally has a huge impact on the electronics industry in terms of safety. This phenomenon becomes particularly critical both in the design phases and in the handling and handling phases.
The ESD packaging must show antistatic properties and when used outside EPA areas must prevent interference from external ESD events (shielding). Normally the shielding is obtained with multi-layer products (internal metallic layer).
All ns. products are certified and comply with CE regulations.
We can offer you:
• Antistatic and conductive PE sheets
• Coils, bags and linings in antistatic and conductive material both in air bubble and in PLT
• Shielding bags with and without ZIP
• Barrier bags …
Furthermore, to complete your shipment we can supply you with desiccant salts in silica or clays

Features for our. antistatic:

Surface Resistivity CEI EN 61340-5-3 2010 ohm < 10 11 ohm
Electrostatic Decay time from +/- 5000 volts to +/- 50 volts CEI EN 61340-5-3 2010 second < 2 s

Complements for packaging

Marzano Form srl is able to provide you with a complete range of packaging accessories to simplify all your shipping operations.


PVC or PPL or Paper or high temperature tape
• Personalization with vs. Logo or color
• Available in various widths and lengths

Stretch or shrink film:

• Manual or automatic
• H10cm or 50cm
• Transparent or black

Rigid plastic corners:

• Covering thickness from 5mm to 66mm
• Protection for the strap
• Standard black or customizable color

Humidity, impact or overturning indicator:

• 3, 5, 6 spot humidity indicators
• Impact indicators 25g, 37g, 50g, 75g
• Overturning indicators

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